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Studies Confirm the Power of Visuals in eLearning

July 10, 2014

We are now in the age of visual information where visual content plays a role in every part of life. As 65 percent of the population are visual learn


Blogging Resources

July 4, 2014


Some time ago I was asked to do a presentation on Blogging in the Classroom and I curated a rich collection of resources on the topic. I recently revisited the Livebinder that I had created and realized (after a few edits!) that it was still a valuable  collection with lots of useful information for teachers new to Blogging. There’s links to research, rationale, student and teacher blogging ideas.

So, here it is!

You have a Class Blog – Now what?

June 19, 2014

You have a Class Blog – Now what?.

Speaking Exchange

May 10, 2014

Watch and enjoy! Much to be learned from this idea. Thanks to @gcouros for this!

VFTT- Flight- Watching for Evidence

March 29, 2014

The online course I teach, ETFO AQ IICT2 Winter 2014, is now completed. Here are my final thoughts via my Voices From the Trail Video Blog.

Am I an Educational Leader?

March 10, 2014


There are lots of great educational leaders around, according to this list of criteria!

Originally posted on Evolving Educators:

If you are in the field of education you must ask yourself the question:

Am I an educational leader?

It’s an essential question for any educator today because our traditional view of leadership has changed for the better. Over the years leadership in education was defined by title. A person in education would go from teacher to supervisor, vice principal, principal, etc. and through the title changes be considered a leader in a subject, building and/or district. For better or worse your leadership was not defined by your actions but by a specific job responsibility.

Today, that definition of educational leader is changing. First, let’s be clear that being deemed a leader does not need to come with a specific title, and even with the title an educator may not be a leader.  Leadership in education is now being defined by actions and engagement. An educational leader today is one…

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VFTT- Spring ’14

March 7, 2014

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