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The seven deadly sins of fly fishing | Hatch Magazine – Fly Fishing, etc.

April 24, 2021

It’s the Opening Day here in Ontario. Here’s a really great list, from the world’s foremost fly fishers, on what NOT to do! Read on!

Let’s say you hope to become a better fly fisher. You want to improve your skills, and catch more trout, and have more fun. And let’s say you have a chance to ask some of the world’s most acclaimed fly fishers one question. Just one. What would it be? Would you ask them where you should fish, or what fly to use, or which rod to buy? Would you ask about knots, or fly lines, or techniques, or how to improve your casting? Or would Winston Churchill’s admonition that “only wise men learn from their mistakes” echo through your subconscious as you tried to frame your question?
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What is the number one thing fly fishers can do to improve? | Hatch Magazine – Fly Fishing, etc.

April 10, 2021

One of the advantages to running a small, twice-a-year fly fishing school with some of the world’s most acclaimed anglers is that I can reach out with trout-related questions whenever I get the itch. Last week, I asked our School of Trout instructors if they’d be willing to share their thoughts on the following question:
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Fly Tying Tools by Tim Flagler on the Fly Tyer YouTube Channel

April 6, 2021

Tim’s short video tips are as helpful as his full length recipe videos and are really useful for beginners and veterans alike. Here’s some tips on essential tools and tool storage.

The Double Haul

April 4, 2021

Here’s an excellent double haul how to video hosted by RIO’s Simon Gawesworth well worth imitating!

Watch it and then go outside and practice. Perfect practice makes perfect!

Is Your Fly Fishing Gear Ready for the Season?

March 28, 2021

With the Ontario trout season opener weeks away, now is a very good time to give your gear a thorough inspection. I came across this Hatch Magazine article that guides you through important steps in your gear preparations.

Hatch Magazine- Is Your Gear Ready for the Season

Also featured in the online edition of Hatch are some articles relevant for thé first hatches of the season. Here’s an article and accompanying video by George Daniel on tying some great early season flies for various stages of the BWO hatches, the Blue Winged Olive, or Baetis. The three patterns are Barr’s Vis A Dun, Puff Daddy Emerger and BWO Perdigon Nymph.

Tying BWO Patterns

Nymphing with Mike Metcalfe

March 4, 2021

Don’t know how I missed this segment from The New Fly Fisher with Mike Metcalfe on nymphing for Browns on one of my favourite spots on the Grand River. Mike describes how to grid the river and present your fly to as many fish as possible, all the while reducing drag and increasing your chances of success.

Another “Hot” Tip from Rob Heal

February 16, 2021

Rob Heale, from The New Fly Fisher, explains how to use “cold” to get a stuck fly rod apart.

Wet Flies, Swinging, Showing your Fly to many Fish and Line Management with Rob Heal

February 9, 2021

In this new video from The New Fly Fisher, Rob Heal, local Grand River guide, gives some great tips on swinging soft hackle wet flies, and how to better manage your fly line. Shot on location in Northern Ontario, Rob’s technique for showing your fly to as many fish as possible, by lengthening your line or taking steps up or down the river, is a strategy that pays off.

Tom Rosenbauer and Tim Flagler Tie Off!

February 1, 2021

The Lafontaine Caddis Sparkle Emerger

Here’s their recording of today’s livestream. Get your vise out and get tying!

If you see a copy of Gary Lafontaine’s legendary book “Caddisflies” in a used book store, grab it and add it to your library, or buy it and send it to me. I’ll pay!

Tom Rosenbauer on Orvis Facebook Live

January 17, 2021

Last week Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis did a Facebook Live on how to choose the feathers from various game birds for fly tying. It was really fascinating and so I post it here for followers.

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