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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving Everyone!

October 9, 2009

I know that my American friends are often puzzled by the normal, but different, spellings of the “English” words use in my Blog posts, and the Canadian colloquialisms that distinguish conversations by folks north of the border, so it should not come as a surprise, then, that we also have a different calendar. (One Canadian comedian frequently interviewed unsuspecting Americans and tried to convince them that we had things like igloos everywhere, a 20 hour clock, and legal seal hunting in cities, so perhaps our distinct calendar is no surprise).
Do join me in taking a moment to be thankful for the many good things we enjoy here in North America and I will do so again when it is the Americans’ turn to celebrate, in November.
Canadian Thanksgiving has less focus on football and pre-holiday shopping and more on food, family, and hikes in the stunning autumn colours. For some it’s a reminder that winter comes early in the north.
Whatever you are doing, have a good weekend!

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