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Convergence…or why I wanted to be a teacher

June 16, 2010

Introduction- Part 1a- “Medium”×200.swf?phlogId=19166&phonecastId=30898&channelInView=WEBSITE_CHANNEL_19166&callInView=644100000015488620100616224622

Introduction- Part 1b- “McLuhan”×200.swf?phlogId=19166&phonecastId=30899&channelInView=WEBSITE_CHANNEL_19166&callInView=644100000016351320100616224820
To see a short video clip about McLuhan, visit this link.

Part 2: “Convergence”

Part 3: “Convergence 3”×200.swf?phlogId=19166&phonecastId=30827&channelInView=WEBSITE_CHANNEL_19166&callInView=644100000012488620100616041015

Part 4: “Conclusion”

Part 5: “Credits”

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Being a teacher is…

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  1. foxr permalink
    June 16, 2010 9:53 pm

    Outstanding presentation, Rod! I’ve sent my response to your poll/statement.

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