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Pulling the finger out of the hole in the dam…just might lead to electricity

July 5, 2010

I have written a lot about Internet filtering here and hosted a live broadcast about it.

This Edutopia report suggests there are progressive technology leaders out there prepared to take the risk. Are you one of them? Or are you satisfied with the status quo? What will our children say in 10 years about us when the rest of the educational world has already opened the Internet in more progressive ways that support 21st century learning?

Are we prepared to tap into the new energy created when the floodgates open, or are we prepared just to sit by and watch what happens. Will we be making things happen, watching things happen or saying, “What just happened?!” Canadian schools, without the economic noose around their necks that exists in the form of CIPA, the US Children’s Internet Protection Act, should be leading the way with this. Sadly, this isn’t doesn’t appear to be true.

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