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“How Coolgle is that?”

July 10, 2011

Yesterday I received an invite to Google Plus, the next “wave” in Social Networking from Google. So far, I really like the idea of having circles- one for family, one for friends, one for my tech tweeples, you know. And I can create lots of new circles depending on the audience I want to communicate with. So far, this looks like Facebook, but with selected people seeing my content. Add that to all the other tools that Google integrates into their environment, Maps, Picasa, Blogger, etc. and my first reaction is quite positive.

There are, already, lots of educational technology people talking about how this will be useful, or not, in the eucation setting. I don’ know the answer yet, but I am planing to spend part of the  summer, while I teach an online course on Integrating Information and Computer Technology to tecahers upgrading their qualifications.

Here are some Blogs to read that may help you make your own decision about Google +.

The Innovative Educator-“-What Does Google + Mean for Education?

The Read Write Web – “How to Use Google +”

The Read Write Web – “Is this the Social Tool Schools have Been Waiting For?”

Apps User Group – “What does Google+ Mean for Schools?”

Google + How to Document

Get an Invite. Get on board. Test it out. How “Coolgle” is it (to quote another blog I saw)?

What do you think?

AddendumWhy Google + is about the change the Web as we know it.

And this Blog Post from MSNBC warning about Google + and their security, or lack thereof

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