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Post Abel Summer Institute (ASI) Post

August 25, 2011

I really meant what I tweeted Tuesday, that the ASI2011 Summer Institute in general, and the session I attended in particular, was the most networked learning I’ve done in over 30 years of PD sessions in my teaching career. It is, I did not mention, closely followed by the Master’s degree I finished last year. But what made the ASI so unique, was being face to face with so many of the people in my Personal Learning Network, and talking, tweeting, emailing, writing on Wikis, collaborating on Google Docs, learning and teaching, talking some more, all at the same time.
I think that’s the big thing- in a community such as this, learning is continuous. We were repeatedly asked to consider what contribution we had made to the learning of others. I think I did my share, but I learned far more than I could ever give. And that’s the point. What if we all contributed as much as we could to social learning? Just how much would we learn in return?
A Lot. A big lot.

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