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Apple Store Opens in Burlington, Ontario, to much fanfare

September 3, 2011

Rod at the #AppleMapleview opening @mrmuzzdog  on Twitpic

Photo by Andy Forgrave

So, I poured myself a coffee this morning, into my Apple Coffee mug that my oldest son, an Apple employee, had given to me for Christmas, hopped into the car with Kevin, my youngest. Off to Burlington we raced for the Apple Store Mapleview opening. Spurred on by tweets from my Personal Learning Network members already there, we arrived just in time for the big 9:30 countdown.
It was great seeing the energy of employees and customers who realize the unique opportunities for learning, creativity an communication using Apple products. I met so many people, some by chance, others which I expected to be there. There was Wayne, now a Hamilton teacher with whom I worked years ago on a Computer Plan for our Mississauga school, so that technology would be an integral part of teaching and learning. Then there was Zoe, also a Hamilton teacher who may be one of the most dynamic educational technology leaders I have ever met. Then Gerry, a retired High School Principal, and former Oakville restauranteur, who opened his venue to my son’s student council coffee house, a few years back. Now Apple employee, Gerry was excited about his new post education career. Or CJ, a school friend of my son who is a student of digital music, also a new Apple employee. And finally, I got to meet Andy face-to-face, a middle school teacher and educational technology leader in his own right.
So, this is networking; this is community. So yes, I got a free Apple Mapleview T-shirt, and was cheered loudly when I entered the store, my Apple Holy Grail coffee mug raised high. But more than that, I got to talk about how technology can change how and why we learn. And that was worth the trip!

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