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Teacher- Be a learner first!

October 23, 2011

If there was one powerful message that Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beech wanted the hundreds of teachers at last week’s Educational Computing Organization (ECOO) of Ontario conference to depart with, it was a new resolve to be a learner first.
Using the Twitter hashtag #changegame, attendees had to come up with a great new tagline for their new motto. Here are some of the best from my Twitter Personal Learning Network:

@zbpipe (Zoe Branigan-Pipe) #changegame Open Door Policy – to the world. #ecoo11

@SafinaN (Safina Noorani) Ok classworld. Let’s live learning together. #changegame #ecoo11

@royanlee (Royan Lee) Let’s be learning ninjas. #changegame #ecoo11

@taniasterling (Tania Sterling) My new personal tag line: “I am what I share” #changegame

@brendasherry (Brenda Sherry) Leading is learning, learning is leading #changegame #ecoo11

My personal favourite comes from an unknown source: “What happens at ECOO Leaves ECOO!”

And my own clever attempt, considering that I could retire one month from now:

mrmuzzdog (Rod Murray) #changegame #ecoo11 @mrmuzzdog ‘s new tagline- “2011/10/20 Starting a new learning career ’cause you can never retire from it”

And the winner was (no relation by the way): cool_mip (Melissa Murray) My tagline: iAsk, iLearn, iShare #changegame

So, what will you do to make a change in your learning, and teaching?

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