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Here’s the scoop on some Content Curation tools

November 19, 2012

I hear a lot about Content Curation in the Twitterverse and so I thought I’d play around with it for a while. Over the last month or so I’ve been working on editing an eLearning course, so I decided I would try one of the newer curators- Scoop.It!

I’ve also used Livebinders and I’ve had a account for quite a while. Livebinders are a great way to collect static web resources in one place. collects content from your Twitter stream, hashtags and other sources and updates it on a regular basis. Content is controlled by your settings, but there’s less control than! I should mention good old RSS via Google Reader, where your good finds can be posted via Google+, which is quite a useful curator in itself.

I really like! for the way it collects, assists you to curate, comment and add value to your content, and to share that content via a wide range of Social Media. There’s a Bookmarklet for immediate Scooping too! And there are more features that really make this a powerful tool. If you follow other people using!, you can scoop their scoops too and insert them into the topics you are curating. Add to this, powerful analytics that will tell you how many followers, rescoops, views and reactions your! has garnered, this is my ool of choice right now.

Pick a topic and get curating!

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