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Mobilize Conference- November 26, 2012

December 4, 2012
  1. Jeff McDowell from D2L frames the point of the conference from the get-go!
  2. Desire2Learn
    “Be a rookie every year. Learn something new that requires you to be in a novice role again.” – @markmilliron #D2Lmobilize
  3. cartoon_nate
    “We got to give learners [and mentors] more self-regulation information” @markmilliron #d2lmobilize
  4. mrmuzzdog
    Students are now borrowing time to study via mobile devices while working, looking after kids, etc says Mark Milliron at #D2Lmobilize
  5. mrmuzzdog
    To maintain cognitive health you need to “be a rookie every year” says Milliron at #D2Lmobilize
  6. banana29
    @markmilliron I’m your new biggest fan. Thank you for starting the day at #D2LMobilize with a bang. I’ll be lurking.
  7. What are we doing with all the data we are collecting from mobile technologies? Why aren’t we providing almost instantaneous feedback to learners, asks Mark?
  8. Desire2Learn
    “Imagine if we all believed we could make a difference.” – Maddie Cranston @SharkWarriorJr #D2Lmobilize
  9. Nine year old Maddie inspires us to act! We can be learners and activists anywhere, anytime, using mobile technologies.
  10. bon_ca
    RT @banana29: The killer app that no one has invented yet is the 1 that will make students want to learn -Larry Smith #D2LMobilize
  11. banana29
    RT @tk1ng: a powerful talk by master spkr “@mrmuzzdog: Larry Smith, killer app is 1 that makes people want to learn #D2Lmobilize and cha …
  12. Larry Smith engages us with a sweeping perspective on the history and future of mobile learning.
  13. mrmuzzdog
    Such a great variety of speakers, panelists, participants & ideas at #D2Lmobilize as we work in various #elearning roles. Thx to organizers!
  14. RT @cransights @jianghomeshi you’ve made @sharkwarriorjr Maddie’s year… #d2lmobilize Two of the conference stars!
  15. @jianghomeshi with his youngest fan! Jian enlightened us with his views on the success on “Q” in the context of a multi-platform world.
  16. D2L_Careers
    Did you miss #D2Lmobilize this week? New era of mobile learning is here, Kitchener conference told;… via @WR_Record
  17. Mobilize hits the news!
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