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Quotes from the Class- IICT2

May 31, 2013

I couldn’t help but start collecting some great quotes from the ETFO AQ Class I’m teaching. They have been blogging as a reflective tool and now, at the three quarter mark of the course, some of their comments need repeating.

  • “The article I read on staff development reiterated some notions I had about what truly makes a staff truly move and transform. I did learn that a small team of teachers should be recruited to initiate a wave of change in a culture of a school”
  • “Up until now, I had never engaged in a collaborative online experience. I really want to take that experience back to my grade team and the rest of the staff in order to share what possibilities the use of this program hold”
  • “If we were to jump on every “great” initiative, I know we would never become a “great” school..”
  • “I wish I could add comments to the feedback received in the dropbox. If I’m using the dropbox to hand in work, I don’t think it’s fair to assume that I am handing in a finished piece.”
  • “Students come from different backgrounds and when the teacher has managed to create for them an equitable learning space, they have the chance to fulfil their basic needs before they can meet the course expectations and then apply themselves to the tasks given to them. Technology effectively allows the teacher to use the tools that will help promote all students’ numeracy and literacy skills”
  • “As the course keeps chugging along so does my learning experience! I think that one thing that has really stood out for me is the amount of great ideas people post both with their assignments and their feedback to each other. It is a great professional learning experience and it is really amazing because when you take in that information and transfer it to the classroom you feel so satisfied when it goes smoothly!”
  • “Every time, I take part in a workshop or take a course about Education and Technology, I get inspired and see how amazing my teaching could be. I come back to my classroom my head spinning with new projects I want to take on. Then reality sets in… I can’t find the time to implement it all”
  • “A concern that has been brought to my attention is how to get quality and sufficient professional development around technology. There is rarely enough money or time, yet touching upon topics for PD superficially does not seem to have a lasting positive impact on practice. Looking for answers to this question seems to me, to be of paramount importance as we come to rely more on technology with integration. How do we get around the issues of money and time?”
  • “In education, teachers often have great ideas. Or, at least we think we have great ideas. Sometimes those great ideas turn into brilliant lessons, with amazing discussions with engaged students. Sometimes those great ideas don’t pan-out, but we reflect on the issues we may have faced and modify for the future”
  • “I’ve never really thought of myself as a leader in technology. I don’t love speaking in front of adults, but this LE showed me that maybe I am that person”
  • “Incorporating technology into my program will not happen incidentally, it needs to be planned and intentional, as is professional development and reflection on teaching practice”
  • “An outstanding question that I still have is, how we can continue to engage and interest students with special needs to use their assigned computers and software programs that have been laid out of them to succeed?”
  • “I am frustrated by our school’s/board’s lack of technology, while my principal claims that we are a pretty rich school in comparison to many in our board. Compared to many school boards described in this course, we seem behind the times”
  • “I like how this course has got me talking to my fellow staff members about technology. I have bounced different ideas off of them, and they have been excited to hear about what I have been doing”
  • “I realize now more than ever that having the opportunity to simply ask so many knowledgeable people within our building is such a fortunate situation. I really need to thank those people”
  • “I have found that I am a little more aware of the value, importance, and unfortunately the lack of professional development with regards to technology”

Evidently, some very powerful learning is taking place. Social Learning. Connected Learning. Transformational too.

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  1. Catherine Houston permalink
    June 1, 2013 12:32 pm

    Rod, will this blog link exist once the course is done?

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