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Turning the corner on a new season of Teacher Learning

September 22, 2013

Tomorrow, Monday, September 25th, 2013, I start teaching again for ETFO AQ, the online learning department of the Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario. It’s a new school year and things in the field of educational technology integration, the focus, of the course, are changing fast!
Course IICT2 AQ, Integration of Information and Computer Technology Additional Qualification Part 2 intends to prepare teachers to better integrate new and traditional technologies to support learning and differentiation in the classroom. With ed tech changing so fast, as I mentioned, the course requires continuous revision, a major one having been completed this year.
My 20 candidates will explore Web2.0 tools, Ministry of Education licensed software, Assistive Technology, lesson planning. peer mentoring and school technology development, to name some of the course aspects.
So, on to the beginning of the course! Here’s my welcome message that I recorded in Victoria, BC, last week and uploaded to my “Voices From the Trail” video series on Youtube! Welcome ETFO AQ candidates!

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