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Postcards from Somewhere in France -1- Hugs

November 5, 2015


Recently, after moving my parents out of their Toronto lakefront condo, I found a box of postcards, old postcards in fact, that my father kept. They belonged to my grandmother, Gladys Murray (nee Harmer). Most of them were love notes sent from her fiancee from France during WWI. What an amazing insight into the times, into life on the front, my grandmother, and Will, the man she never married. Will was killed near the end of the War. In the photo above, Will wears his regimental kilt. It was taken in Flanders October 30th, 1917.
For the next week, I will post some of the 40 postcards, most sent from “Somewhere in France.” Some of them are humorous, some flirtatious, some explain the activities and training of the soldiers, some just the horrors. Others are actual photos from the front, while a few are officially censored postcards meant to be sent back home to family.

Enjoy these insights into the life of a WWI soldier as reflected in these postcards from Will.

37A 37B

Bramshott Camp. February 24, 1916

“Do you think you have forgotten how to do this. If you have, buy one of those dummies you see in some of the dry goods stores and practice on that. (Good advice that)”

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