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Postcards from Somewhere in France -4- Remembrance Day Sunday

November 8, 2015


This card has no message from Will on the back. I wonder if he thought it didn’t need any comment at all? On this Remembrance Day Sunday, places of worship across Canada will read the names of their fallen from WWI, WWII and the Korean Conflict. Take a moment today, or Wednesday, November 11th, to remember them.

57A- Will

Will in his regimental kilt on the front of the card. How these were created is fascinating and is described on this interesting webpage.


Somewhere in Flanders. October 31, 1917.

“My dear Glad – no time for a letter just now. Am leaving at 6 p.m. by train for a General Course at Canadian Corps School. So have to get busy packing up. Love from yours affectionately XXO Will”

“Glad” of course, is short for Gladys, my grandmother.


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