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Big news! The Rodcast has emerged as a new Fly Fishing forum.

June 13, 2018

13A9C031-22AE-4A92-9839-29776023C3C5After years of Blogging as part of my personal learning network (PLN) mainly focused on Educational Technology, I’m taking the Rodcast in a new direction. Ironically, my blog title needs no revision to make it better match its new focus, fly-fishing.

Having recently retired to Fergus, Ontario on the famous Grand River Brown Trout tail water fishery, I’m intending to journal my way through my new learning as a fly fisher, a pastime I took up as a 10 year old but am now able to pursue in a much more serious way, some 50 years later.  Posts will vary in scope. Some will be personal, others reposted from elsewhere. A main theme will be local info on the Grand River, along with other fishing adventures near and far!

So here goes! Follow along. Subscribe. Comment. Go Fish.

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