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Hooking into some great fly fishing podcasts

June 13, 2018

Are you on the lookout for some great fly fishing related podcasts to load up before heading out on a drive to your favourite river? Perhaps you just need some new podcasts to divert yourself from provincial, national or international politics and their overwhelming daily grind of bad news stories. Look and listen no further.

Here are a few regular fly fishing podcasts to add to your chosen podcast app.

The Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast– Hosted by long time Orvis fly fishing educator and ambassador, Tom Rosenbauer, the weekly podcast features a Q&A with Tom answering listeners’ questions on basic through technical fly fishing topics followed by a full length interview with an expert guest, often featuring guides who know special rivers or techniques. Tom and the guest cover everything from trout to bass to pike, and salt water fly fishing too. You can listen in to current episodes from the link above or better yet, subscribe to the podcast for new episode notifications. You can subscribe in iTunes here.

Not a week goes by when Tom doesn’t answer a question that brings new knowledge to even the most experienced fly fisher! A fascinating recent episode featured an interview with Kirk Johnson, the author of The Feather Thief, an investigation into the dark underworld of the illegal feather trade and the fringe fly tyers who trade in contraband materials.

The So Fly Podcast– this group of young fly fishers who are also photographers and media artists are spreading the fly fishing gospel with interviews with Canadian fly fishing personalities and features on local and regional fly fishing waters. Edgy but always informative, the shows feature friendly, informal conversations with guides, retailers, and fishing legends, along with news and trip reports. Subscribe in iTunes here.

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