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Understanding The Difference Between eLearning and mLearning

September 14, 2015

The need to disseminate education efficiently imposed that classrooms should no longer be confined within four walls. So distance learning came into being. Then as technology evolved, lessons were not only delivered to mailboxes (the ones on the curb) but also reached learners on their computers. Thus eLearning developed. And now, because learners are no…


An Interview with Tom D’Amico

July 28, 2015

This interview, with Ontario educational leader, Tom D’Amico, by another notable educational technology leader, Doug Pete, is insightful and inspirational, and needs to be shared and read widely.

doug --- off the record

This is a real treat for me.  I’ve been a follower and a fan of Tom D’Amico for a long time.  I have a real appreciation for those who scour the web, find, and then share the best of the resources.  Tom is a daily source for inspiration through sharing with his Twitter account @TDOttawa.  The best part is that his finds are archived in his! resource iGeneration – 21st Century Education.

Thank you for agreeing to the interview, Tom.  I’m really looking forward to your thoughts and insights.

Doug:  I always start with this for people that I’ve met in person – do you recall when we first met?

Tom:  I’m not certain but likely in the early 90’s at the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario conference (ECOO).  In the early 1990s I created a pilot Multimedia course and shared the resources at ECOO.

Doug: …

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10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Educational Twitter Account- Reblogged

July 7, 2015


I saw this really great step-by-step “getting started with Twitter for Educators” Blog Post that I felt was worth repeating!

Have a look at this Blog by Mr Kemp NZ or click on the direct link below. Are you ready to get started with Twitter as one of your Professional Development tools and create a Personal Learning Network?

10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Educational Twitter Account.

History of Social Media InfoGraphic

May 23, 2015

This came via my Twitter Feed and is really quite fascinating. Look how far we’ve come in such a short span of time. What’s next?

History of Social Media

Laurie Smith Keynote at #etfoaqinnovate

May 9, 2015

While attending ETFO AQ’s Innovate 2015 Conference in Toronto, we were treated to a powerful keynote by Laurie Smith of Voice Matters. One of my fellow instructors, David Dowhaniuk, added the Tweets from this Keynote to a Storify.

Here it is:

Lauri Smith

How to Extend the Availability of the D2L Dropbox for a Student or Group

April 28, 2015

Have you ever needed to grant an extension to a candidate or group at the end of a Learning Experience but the Dropbox was already locked? Using the tools in D2L, you can extend the availability of the Dropbox for a student, or a select group of students in your course. It’s very easy! It takes only a few minutes to do this.

Here’s a quick video I created to show you how to do it!

What’s a Twitter Chat?

February 21, 2015

New to Twitter chats? Here’s Tom Whitby’s detailed explanation of this excellent form of personal professional development.

My Island View

There are now hundreds of Education Twitter chats taking place around the world at almost any time of day or night. To follow any chat in real-time all one needs is the hashtag (#). The hashtag is the key to the chat. Using TweetDeck, Hootsuite, or some other third-party application it is easy to create a column that will follow only the hash tagged tweets of the chat. That will focus on and deliver each of the tweets in the chat in the order that they are posted.

Of course in a chat that may have fifty to a hundred participants it is impossible to follow every tweeter’s tweets. Very much like any face-to-face social gathering of such numbers of people, one would only engage with a few chatters at a time and focus on the topic of discussion within that group. I enter chats with the intent of engaging…

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