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Dry Fly Nirvana – Another Episode of the New Fly Fisher

March 29, 2020

Dry Fly Mania! Only 27 days to go for the Trout Opener in Ontario, and this episode has me getting anxious for the dry flies on the Grand River come May and June!

Another Way to tie Rim Chung’s RS2

March 26, 2020

I’ve struggled to tie this fly and have watched various YouTube videos, had someone show me one-on-one how to do it, but I still couldn’t get it right. This method looks so much easier when it comes splitting the tails.

Have a look at this one:

Atop the Angling Mountain: The Five Stages of Fly Fishing | Hatch Magazine – Fly Fishing, etc.

March 22, 2020

And while we are at it…one more article from Hatch Magazine that helps describe the fly fishing addiction.

I don’t remember when I first heard the phrase, but for a while now experienced fly fishers have been regaling new anglers with tales of “The Five Stages of Fly Fishing.” These are the levels we all go through at one point or another in our fly fishing careers; at least if we stick around long enough to move up the ladder. Enough to satisfy the Stage Three fly fisherman? Don’t bet on it. (photo: Chad Shmukler)
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Fly fishing through a pandemic | Hatch Magazine – Fly Fishing, etc.

March 22, 2020

Some thoughts on fly fishing during these uncertain times via Hatch Magazine.

The world is changing all around us. March Madness was cancelled. The NBA season was suspended. So was the remainder of spring training and the beginning of the Major League Baseball season. Schools are closed. Grocery stores are having a hard time keeping goods on the shelves. (Good luck finding hand sanitizer or toilet paper.) Meanwhile, anything approaching a normal life has disappeared in Europe, where Italy and France are locked down and modern medical facilities are being overwhelmed by the global pandemic.
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Coronavirus and Fly Fishing as “Social Distancing”

March 18, 2020

As soon as the season opens, get out and distance yourself, on your local river, after paying a visit to your local fly shop!

Coronavirus and Fly Fishing as “Social Distancing”
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Is Catch-and-Release an Effective Conservation Tool?

March 12, 2020

On the February 13, 2020 Episode of Tom Rosenbauer’s Fly Fishing Podcast, he interviews University of Massachusetts scientist Dr. Andy Danylchuk (FYI- he’s Canadian!) about the science and effectiveness of cath-and-release. For trout anglers, or any angler for that matter, the science in this interview is well worth the listen. You’ll gain a wider understanding of fish and stream biology and your place in conservation. You can fast forward through the “Fly Box,” where Tom takes listeners’ questions,  to the start of the interview at 51 minutes.

You can listen here, or subscribe in your favourite podcast app. Here’s the iTunes link for those on Apple devices.

Brown Trout on the Grand – The New Fly Fisher

February 27, 2020

Local guide Mike Metcalfe and fly fishing legend, Bill Spicer, team up to fish for big brown trout on our local Grand River Tailwater, in this wonderfully shot and edited and episode of The New Fly Fisher.

Using mostly dry flies, the two experts hook into a few stockers, and a couple of really fine specimens. Give this one a view. Or two.

Phat and Phunky Pheasant Tail

February 13, 2020

Another Pheasant Tail variant, but this time, with the addition of the wonderfully marked Wood Duck and the Pine Squirrel, this one could be a Grand River killer pattern!

Here’s Tightlinevideo’s version!

Iconic mayfly populations have declined by as much as 84 percent | Hatch Magazine – Fly Fishing, etc.

February 1, 2020

This disturbing news, from a fly angler’s point of view, popped up in The Hatch magazine email news this week. This is a significant decline in insect numbers. Check it out!

The emergence of Hexagenia limbata mayflies, throughout the Great Lakes and parts of the mid-Atlantic region, is nearly a religious event in angling circles. Each year in early June, these enormous mayflies blanket the landscape, emerging by the billions each night, smothering waterways, riverbanks, roadways and more with thousands of tons of trout-candy biomass.
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Mike Metcalfe Grand River Caddis Patterns

January 28, 2020

Mike Metcalfe demonstrates how to tie Grand River Caddis patterns

Last Saturday, at the regular fly tying workshops held through the off season at Grand River Outfitting and Fly Shop, Grand River guides Mike Metcalfe and Rob Heale, demonstrated how to tie some of the most effective Caddis patterns for the Grand River tailwater.

Here’s a series of videos, most from Tim Flaglers tightline video YouTube Channel, all in one playlist, that show the patterns they demonstrated: Iris Caddis, X-Caddis, Spent Partridge Caddis, Lafontaine’s Sparkle Emerger, the Palamino Caddis and the Elk Hair Caddis!

Get busy tying up a few of each of these patterns as Trout season will be here before you know it! Click on the video link below to start the series!

Caddis Patterns Playlist

Incidentally, Mike was featured in a recent article by The New Fly Fisher host Bill Spicer, “Fly Fishing the Grand River” and this duo will be featured in an upcoming episode of the show.

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