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How to Add a Checklist to your ETFO AQ Course in D2L

February 6, 2015

A Checklist in D2L is an excellent tool for students/candidates to track their progress in a course. The video below demonstrates how to create a Checklist for candidates in your ETFO AQ Course in D2L. It can, however be helpful to instructors in other environments that use D2L.


In D2L’s Brightspace Community you can find many resources about better ways to use the features in D2L. Here’s their short video about Checklists, and how they can be combined with Release Conditions to encourage students to use the Checklist. A Release Condition is an Intelligent Agent that requires a student to complete a task, in this case, checking off a completed item in the Checklist, before they can complete another task. See my Blog post on Intelligent Agents for an introduction to their use.

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