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Postcards from Somewhere in France -6- Humour from the Front

November 11, 2015

Will’s postcards vary from serious to sublime. Here’s one that pokes fun at the enemy.



East Sanderling Camp. August 10, 1916.

“They have quite a number of these sort of cards about old Kaiser Bill, and they will be interesting to look and laugh over in years to come. Sadly, Will did not get a chance to muse over any of these.”


This one is as close to risqué as it gets.

30A 30B

East Sanderling. March 26th, 1916.

“I wonder if the guy in the picture is right? I suppose that is what I’ve got to put up with when I return. My heart swells with sympathy for myself!!!”


I’m sure there were some fun moments at the officers’ mess, but maybe they were few and far between.

46A 46B

Somewhere in France. May 17, 1917.

“This is how we always dine out here ?!*!?

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