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Postcards from Somewhere in France -7- We Will Remember Them

November 11, 2015

Today we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Stop and remember those, who in the service of their country, did not return. Think too, of our current military staff who have suffered from their experience serving our country.

Will’s observations about life on the battlefield are reflected in these cards. He even honoured the enemy prisoners in his comments. It was tragic for all sides.



Somewhere in France. May 17, 1917.

This is what the ground looks like after the attackers have passed on well into Fritzs lines. At the bottom left hand corner you can see what is left of a dugout entrance.



Somewhere in France. May 17, 1917.

This card, of the tower in Ypres, shows the physical destruction of war. The horrible effects on the bodies and minds of people is unmeasurable.



Somewhere in France. May 15, 1917.

We never let Fritz prisoners come out without bringing out our wounded. The majority of the German doctors captured (as well as their Red Cross men) are very quick and clever in helping dress our wounded.

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